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Fundraising Auction

Our online auction boasts a carefully curated art – all tinged with the spirit of the psychedelic. Prepare to be dazzled by unique artworks pulsating with life and color, experiences that promise to challenge your perceptions, and objects that are truly one-of-a-kind. Each item is more than just a coveted prize—it’s a symbol of your commitment to support this transformative cause.

As a bonus, your winning bids do more than just contribute to policy reform—they also provide a tax-deductible donation. You can rest assured that each dollar you spend not only brings you closer to an extraordinary item but also provides crucial support for our mission.

Take part in this enchanting digital odyssey, where every bid is a stand for change, every win a contribution to a brighter future, and every dollar a tax-deductible donation. Let’s raise the stakes and the spirits together in this collective journey towards reform.


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Bid Must be at least $25 dollars higher than the previous bid or they will be rejected.
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Your card will only be charged if you are the winning bid at 12:00am 6/29/23