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Board of Directors

    • Provides strategic guidance and oversight
    • Ensures financial sustainability
    • Supports fundraising efforts

Executive Director

    • Oversees daily operations
    • Implements the organization’s strategic plan
    • Reports to the Board of Directors
    • Manages staff and volunteers

Program Manager

    • Develops, implements, and evaluates programs
    • Coordinates grant application process and selection
    • Manages the mentorship program
    • Oversees the resource and education hub

Development Director

    • Develops and implements fundraising strategies
    • Identifies and secures grants, donations, and sponsorships
    • Builds and maintains relationships with donors and partners
    • Manages fundraising events and campaigns

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

    • Develops and implements marketing and outreach strategies
    • Manages the organization’s website, social media, and email campaigns
    • Creates promotional materials and content
    • Coordinates events, exhibitions, and conferences

Education and Web3 Specialist

    • Develops and curates educational materials on frontier technologies
    • Organizes workshops, webinars, and courses
    • Provides technical support and guidance for artists in web3, NFTs, DAOs, and other emerging platforms

Finance and Operations Manager

    • Manages financial records and budgets
    • Ensures compliance with financial regulations
    • Oversees administrative tasks and human resources

Volunteer Coordinator

    • Recruits, trains, and manages volunteers
    • Assigns volunteers to support programs and events
    • Maintains volunteer records and recognition programs

The organizational chart reflects a clear structure with well-defined roles and responsibilities, ensuring that the Artist Resource Network (ARN) operates efficiently and effectively in support of its mission to empower artists and creatives around the globe.